Beijing street scene during the Cultural Revolution. 

PTR 91 Wood Classic KR
A newer model released by PTR, the Wood Classic KR has a slightly shorter 16” barrel, compared to the 18” barrel on standard PTR rifles. It also has a welded picatinny rail along the top of the receiver for a more versatile optic mounting platform. PTR is one of the few gun companies that left the state of Connecticut after strict gun control laws were passed. They are now based in South Carolina. (GRH)


Found in Eskilstuna, Sweden. <3.

"Clashes all over West Bank, 2 Palestinians Killed and several hundreds wounded. There, too, Israel oppresses everyone"  


Long live Zapata - hero of the Mexican revolution - 1915Long live Abd al Kader al Husseini - hero of the Palestinian revolution - 1948
Via Aztlan Flag